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                                           Art Demonstrations


Although I had always found watercolour to be a difficult, I did find that by resolving many of the mistakes and problems I had came up against, encouraged me to pass  on help to others who have had similar difficulties with this medium.

I know from bitter experience that, although watercolour painting is difficult to master, there happen to be certain guidelines which if followed will help anyone to start creating their own great watercolours.

I enjoy demonstrating for art societies, hopefully helping both newcomers and those wishing to improve their technique.

Experienced artists have also found these demonstrations useful to see how someone else tackles a subject.

Apart from the demonstrations I hold watercolour workshops.  These are carried out on a 'paint-along' basis. The format here would be to demonstrate a painting in it's various stages for everyone to by the end of the day everyone taking part will have a finished painting and plenty of advice to take home with them.

Demonstrating a River Scene

Art Club members with their finished paint along

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